Friday Fancies

This week was my last week of summer before semester starts, and  I was hoping it would be super relaxing butttt no such luck. I did finish a scarf I've been working on and made some progress on another. I'll post pictures next week.

This blog is so adorable and has some of the cutest crochet I've seen. I love all the different colors she uses. Whenever I try to do that it just looks silly, but her projects always look great.

Look at this reusable shopping bag. It is precious. I would totally buy it and use it for all of my shopping (shipping it to the US is super expensive though :( ).

I know I have been all about fall lately, but I really love this dress from Free People. There is a new Free People store downtown, but I haven't gone yet. Everytime I walk by, though, I have to stop to admire their gorgeous window display and doors.

I keep seeing people make projects from this book and they are beautiful. I'm going to try to pick up a copy soon.
Enjoy your weekend!

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