Our Apartment

Avery and I moved into this apartment about a year and a half ago, and we have really loved living here. It has undergone quite a transformation since moving in. I don't have any before pictures (because the apartment was left super-gross by the previous tenants), but I thought I would share some now pictures.

I found this record cabinet at a yard sale a few years ago for $10. It is probably my favorite thing I have ever bought. I can't believe anyone would give it up, especially so cheaply. Also, I have quite the collection of glasses. We ran out of room in the kitchen, so they spilled over onto the bookcase. I'm still working on a cute way to display them all.

One of our bookcases/catch-all in the doorway. This bookcase was also $10. It
baffles me that people pass up furniture that is solid-wood and well made (and beautiful) for the much more expensive but cheaply made furniture you find in the stores.

The little hallway that leads to the rest of the apartment and my favorite corner in the apartment. I just love the little bookcase with the candles and Avery's fossil collection. It is also one of the darkest corners in the apartment, so it's super difficult to get a good picture of.

And our living room. Yes, that bookcase is from Target. But we really, really needed one, and for the longest time we could not find a single bookcase at thrift stores or flea markets. Then after we got this, of course we saw them everywhere.

I didn't post any pictures of the bedroom because I really don't like the way the bedroom looks right now. The walls are painted the most depressing grey-green color, and everything I've tried so far to brighten it up has failed. But I am working on a few things that I hope will make it feel a little cozier. Once I get everything arranged in there, I will be sure to post some pictures.

*So, at the moment, I only have a zoom lens for my camera. My other one was stolen a while back (long story) and I haven't been able to get a replacement yet. This is why I sometimes have to use my phone's camera. So I apologize once again for the ugly pictures.

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