Friday Fancies

This week turned out to be super busy, which is why I haven't posted anything. But I'm looking forward to the weekend to relax and to work on some projects. I also want to come up with a more organized posting schedule that includes specific weekly posts so that things aren't all over the place here. We'll see how that goes. On an unrelated note: I really need a haircut. My bangs are driving me crazy and I don't trust myself to cut them myself. And the sad part is, the place I get my haircut is literally two doors away from me. I just haven't gone over yet. Because apparently I am super lazy.

I am absolutely in love with this bag. The color is perfect and the bag is beautiful. And, it really makes me wish it was fall now. I can't wait to wear scarves and boots and sweaters.

I just found this blog yesterday, and I really wish I had known about it sooner. There are sooo many lessons and tutorials that would have been really helpful while I was figuring out how to make my white dress.

I have been wanting these boots for ages, but I keep waiting to see if they go on sale. At the end of last winter, I found them for $80, but I still didn't buy them. I wish I had, cause they are a lot more money now. They even had them in the same green as that bag up there. And I've have been looking at them so often on Amazon that now all the ads I see on websites are for these boots. It's like torture.

Look at how cute this scarf is. It looks so cozy and warm, and it has adorable little deer all over it :3 I really like a lot of the scarves in this shop.

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. You should do more recipe/food posts. I love finding new recipes to try

    1. Okay :) I have a few ready to post this/next week.