Friday Fancies

So, I am not home right now. I'm at Avery's parents' house in the middle of the woods. Literally, it is in the middle of the woods. All I see when I look out the windows are trees. Not that I have a problem with trees or anything. I like visiting Avery's parents, it's very quiet and relaxing here. Also, the best pecan pie in the world is located here, and I can never say no to delicious pecan pie. But then I go outside and it's hot and there are bugs. Huge bugs. Like giant black beetles almost three inches long and the biggest ants I have ever seen. Those are the moments when I feel like Charlie. But anyway, here are my Friday Fancies.

I found the blog Kendi Everyday this week on Pinterest and I am pretty much in love. She has the cutest style and is so funny. I've been reading through all her old posts all week.

I really want these shoes. They look like a tapestry, which, for some reason, I have been liking a lot recently. Last week I bought a pair of tapestry shoes at a thrift store that are sooo cute.

Look at this necklace! It's gorgeous. It is also almost $400. I might try making one, but I highly doubt it would even come close to this.

Umm... so I have no idea why I have not seen this video until two days ago, but it may be the cutest thing in the world.

Well, I'm off to pester Avery until he takes me to get some of that pecan pie. Enjoy your weekend!

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