My vacation this year was super short, just two days + a weekend, but I had a great time. On Friday, Avery and I spent the day out. We got lunch at a Korean restaurant neat Rittenhouse and then walked to the Art Museum. It was soooo hot, and Avery wanted to try to find a new way to get there, which ended up taking longer because there was construction going on. But once we were there it was lots of fun.

Bulgogi lunhcbox! It's our favorite.

I really love the art museum, it might be one of my favorite places to spend time. But there are soooo many tourists who go there just to run up the steps and take pictures with the Rocky statue. We accidentally ended up in some woman's video of her son running up the steps, and there were more people in line at the statue than in line for the museum. There's nothing wrong with doing that, but it makes me sad that so many people don't get to appreciate the beautiful art in the museum.

After that we went to our favorite cafe, L'Aube, to cool off with some drinks. Avery was looking pensive for awhile, but then he caught me sneaking pictures :)

On Saturday we went to my parents' house, and on Sunday, my mom and I went to a flea market and a thrift  store. I made out like a bandit at both of them. I got some jewelry, sewing supplies, and glasses with a matching ice bucket at the flea market. At the store I got two botanical prints and an adorable embroidery, a pair of tapestry-looking shoes, and two scarves.

Also, I'm working on a skirt and a bag tutorial, so look for that this week :)

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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