diy: spike necklace

This is a simple DIY for a long necklace with spiked beads. I bought all of the supplies at Beadworks, though Etsy has huge variety of beads and supplies for jewelry making. You can make it as long as you like. I made two, one long and one short, that can be layered or worn separately.

  • chain (I used about 28 inches for the long one)
  • 3 jump rings (use whichever size you like the looks of)
  • lobster clasp
  • spiked beads
  • pliers (round nose and flat nose)
First, string the beads onto the length of chain you want. Open the jump rings with the pliers and put one on each end of the chain. Add your last jump ring to one end and your lobster clasp to the other, then close the jump rings. I use two smaller rings for the ends of the chain, and a larger one for the other side of the clasp (as shown below).

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