copper garden signs

  • copper sheeting
  • clay carving tools (I use this, this, and this)
  • piece of rubber (or any soft material you can carve into)
  • wire
Begin by cutting out a piece of copper a little bigger than you want your sign. Use the smaller stylus to write the words on the copper. Then, trace them with the larger stylus. You can begin with the larger one to avoid going over it twice, but I think it is easier to start with the small one.

Turn the sign over, and use the clean-up tool to raise the copper around the words. This will make the words stand out more. I like to start around the letters and work my way out.

Once finished, bend the edges of the sign around so that it is more curved. Poke a hole in each corner.

Use the wire to attach the signs. I put mine on the fence, but you can also put them on tomato cages, stakes, or whatever else is in the garden. Another option is to write the words vertically and stake the signs in the ground.

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