Friday Fancies

I apologize for a lack of posts this week. Semester has been super busy, and it's only week two. I couldn't do any of my work because my books hadn't come, so I spent allll day today catching up. I hope things will settle down once I get into a routine. But I'm going to a flea market tonight with my mom, so that should be fun.

I love this jacket. It almost looks like a cardigan and it has pockets. I can't pass up pockets.

I have been looking at fall foods all week. I can't wait to start making soups and roasted veggies. I am especially excited for sweet potatoes, which puts this soup at the top of my list. 

This blanket is gorgeous! I might have to make one like this, though it'll have to wait till I'm finished the blanket I'm working on now.

I really like these chevron nails. I've seen people use those nail stampers before, but I've always been afraid to try them (mostly because I have no patience when it comes to my nails and would give up on it immediately). But these are so cute. I might have to look into it...

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I excited for soups too. I've been craving soup for like 2 months, but since it was such a hot summer I didn't make any