Friday Fancies

This week was the first week of classes, and it flew by. Hopefully the rest of the semester goes as quickly, but I doubt it. Except for a couple, most of my classes are blah.

The Purl Bee has some of the cutest knitting patterns I've ever seen. I really want to learn how to knit, but it is really difficult for me for some reason. There was a man sitting next to me on the trolley this week who was knitting, and I was trying to sneakily watch how he did it. If anyone has any beginner's tips, let me know.

I really love vintage stationary, especially Christmas cards. I was looking at them on Etsy (yes, I know it's still August) and these are some of my favorites. My mom got a whole box full at a flea market a little while back, and we spent the day reading all the notes inside. All of the cards were sent to the same person, so it was like a little snapshot of her holidays throughout the years.

I've really been liking leather jackets lately. These three are so far the ones I like best. Of course, my favorite is the first, most expensive, one. But the third faux leather one is pretty adorable too.


I love this bowl and plate set so much! I would use it alllll the time. The soup and sandwich look pretty delicious too.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. August is not too early to be thinking about Christmas. I always start looking in stores and online around August for present ideas, that way I have enough time to find really good deals on things.