West Philadelphia

Today is the first day in what seems like ages that it hasn't been about nine million degrees outside. It's breezy and a little cool, and very dreary. I love it. The sky is that lovely whitish gray color that usually means a storm is coming. This is some of my favorite kind of weather, especially in West Philadelphia. When you're walking up one of the streets with the huge old mansions, the overgrown, yet still beautiful, gardens, and the brick sidewalks, it feels like you have stepped into another world. Every garden is a secret garden and every house is a mystery.

Tonight is also the Baltimore AvenueDollar Stroll. I will not be attending because it looks like it is about to pour, and for as much as I like rainy weather, I don't really like being outside in it. Also, I have no dollars, and that's kind of a deal breaker. But there's going to be two more this summer, and next time, I will be sure to be prepared.

*Also, please excuse the phone pictures. My camera is having some lens issues at the moment, which will hopefully be resolved soon.

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