Little Blue Pouch - Tutorial

One of my favorite thrift stores is a tiny place in a basement that benefits a medical mission. It's run by Sisters and they are all so nice. The store is loaded with clothes, housewares, and craft supplies. They have a floor to ceiling shelf that is chock full of fabric that is super cheap. This fabric was an upholstery remnant that cost 25 cents. I think it's so pretty, and when I found this cute little zipper while I was out with my sister, I decided to make a little pouch with it.

I made this pouch pretty small- I just wanted it to throw in my purse- but you can make it whatever size you like. I used this tote as a guide for the boxed bottom. 

First cut out two pieces each of your pouch fabric and your lining fabric. Mine were 8x8 inches. With right sides together, sew along three edges of each, leaving a quarter inch seam allowance.

Fold the corner of the pouch so that the side seam and the bottom seam are aligned and the corner makes a point. Iron it down and repeat with the other corner and the corners of the pouch fabric.

Mark where the corner is 1 1/2 inches across and sew. Once again, repeat with both corners of each pouch.
Trim off the excess fabric and Iron the seams flat. Turn the pouch fabric right side out, while leaving the lining fabric inside out.

Next, cut a piece of fabric that is about a half and inch bigger than the zipper on all sides. Cut it in half lengthwise and then cut as shown below.

Sew the fabric onto the zipper and hem the raw edges, except for the longer piece hanging off the bottom. That will be sewn in between the lining and the pouch. Repeat with the other side.

Fold down the top edges of each pouch a half an inch. Insert the lining pouch inside of the other and place the fabric we left on each side of the zipper between them. Sew around the top edge of the pouch with both of the zipper pieces in place. That's it :)

I'm sorry if any of this is unclear. This is my first time writing a tutorial, and I tried to be as detailed as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will try to clarify.

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